A c:OutputCheckbox for custom pages

While the is an apex:inputCheckbox there is not an apex:outputCheckbox. So its not obvious how to achieve this appearance for a checkbox field in a table in a custom page:

One way to do it is to define 3 components as below and use the c:OutputCheckbox one in the table passing in the boolean value:

// OutputCheckbox.component
    <apex:attribute name="value" type="Boolean" required="true" description=""/>
    <c:CheckedImage rendered="{!value}"/>
    <c:UncheckedImage rendered="{!(!value)}"/>

// CheckedImage.component
    <img src="/img/checkbox_checked.gif" alt="Checked" width="21" height="16" class="checkImg" title="Checked"/>

// UncheckedImage.component
    <img src="/img/checkbox_unchecked.gif" alt="Not Checked" width="21" height="16" class="checkImg" title="Not Checked"/>

The image paths are taken from the corresponding elements in the default UI.


2 thoughts on “A c:OutputCheckbox for custom pages

  1. I use a different method but this works nicely. Previously I’ve set the disabled attribute of the checkbox to true and then style it accordingly.

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