Chatter but no apex:inputDate

I just ran (again) into pain with what should be the trivial problem of allowing a user to enter a date via a date picker pop-up. I am creating a site that includes a verification Visualforce page where the user inputs their date of birth. I know that this input field should always appear so CRUD security and FLS are not needed. But because the only way to get the date picker pop-up is to back the field with an SObject date field that security is stopping the field from being displayed despite my best efforts to make the correct settings. (Also those settings have to be made manually for sites as they cannot be packaged and so mis-configuration on a regular basis is likely.)

This is an example where an overly complicated work-around – using an SObject – really hurts when you have to use it in a more awkward situation.

But despite more than 2 years of comments:

and the addition needed to the platform being relatively straightforward, there is no sign that the problem will be addressed.


One thought on “Chatter but no apex:inputDate

  1. I suggest using my JQuery Enhancements library. You can easily bind a date picker to any text or date on any SObject follows

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