Patch organizations

Just a short note on the “Patch Organization” feature that I used today for first time. Having got this turned on in your packaging org by logging a case, this extra “Patch Organization” tab appears for your package:

This gives you the ability to clone the source code of any version of your package – 3.22 in this screen shot – into a new org (that keeps the same namespace) and then modify it to create new versions e.g. 3.22.1, 3.22.2 etc. These versions can then be packaged and distributed in the normal way. So you can provide small fixes to customers that are using one version of your package while isolating those customers from other changes as your package evolves. But note that there are limits on the changes allowed – this is not a full-blown branching mechanism.

For more information, see e.g. the ISVforce Guide.


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