When runAllTests=”false” actually means runAllTests=”true”

After several deployments into test environments, we deployed into a customer’s production environment yesterday. One of the deployment steps after installing some managed packages is to push several profiles into the target org using the Ant deploy task with a package.xml that just includes the profiles. It was an unwelcome surprise that all the unit tests in the production org ran. These are tests written by a third party that could have had dangerous side effects; in previous deployments this had not happened and runAllTests=”false” being present in the Ant script suggested it should not.

The explanation is in the Ant deploy runAllTests documentation:

This parameter is ignored when deploying to a Salesforce production organization. Every unit test in your organization namespace is executed.

Whatever the motivation for this behavior, I suggest that returning an error message (containing this text) when runAllTests=”false” is specified for a production org would be a better approach to handling the situation than just ignoring the attribute and running the tests.


2 thoughts on “When runAllTests=”false” actually means runAllTests=”true”

    • Tests do consume auto-number values though. Given the rollback and things like web service calls and email sending are turned off in tests hopefully that is the limit of the side effects.

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