Three books all Salesforce developers should read

I’ve recently been writing some Salesforce coding guidelines for new hires that say explicitly what is implicit in our code base. A difficulty is deciding where to stop, so in the end I thought the best thing to do was to also include an as short as possible reading list.

Here is what I chose:

  • Clean Code by Robert C. Martin
    How to write better code. A great book about software craftsmanship whatever language and stack you use.
  • Advanced Apex Programming by Dan Appleman
    The unique features of Salesforce and patterns to address the hard parts. With its help you will be able to write Apex code that works all the time not most of the time.
  • Effective JavaScript by David Herman
    JavaScript is becoming increasingly important. This is a book that will give you real insight into how the language works and the typical patterns you need to use the language well. (I’ve read several modern JavaScript books and I found this by far the best.)

What books would you choose?