Making one DataTable respond to search/length/page changes in another DataTable

DataTables can be applied to multiple tables in a page and sometimes the content in one table needs to be driven by the content in another table. For example, checkboxes in the first table on a page might act as a filter on later tables in a page. (The setup of such filtering is not covered here; the mechanism that can be used is custom filtering.)

But DataTables also supports a search mechanism that reduces the table rows to ones that match and a pagination mechanism where the number of rows shown or the page shown can be changed. By default, changes to those values in the first table will not cause the later tables to be re-filtered and re-drawn. So if you want the later tables to only correspond to the checked checkboxes that are visible in the first table, extra code has to be added.

The good news is that DataTables does generate events for the changes and so provides a convenient point to hook in extra code. The only complication is that it appears necessary to defer until after the current event processing has been completed by using setTimeout.

So assuming the tables are distinguished by classes firstMarker and laterMarker, this code will get the later tables re-drawn (and so re-filtered) to be consistent with the first table:

(function($) {
    $(document).ready(function() {

        var firstTable = $('table.firstMarker');

        var laterTables = $('table.laterMarker');
        var laterDataTables = [];
        laterTables.each(function() {

        var drawLaterDataTables = function() {
            setTimeout(function() {
                $.each(laterDataTables, function(index, value) {
            }, 0);
        firstTable.on('search.dt', drawLaterDataTables);
        firstTable.on('length.dt', drawLaterDataTables);
        firstTable.on('page.dt', drawLaterDataTables);

        // Filtering logic not shown here